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Essay Writing

Exposition Writing
By : Karolina Nurainia

The Superiority of LED Television
            Television is a sophisticated tool in this period. Almost all of the people in the world have it in their home. Nowadays, television has high quality and one of the qualities is television with LED. LED television is a new incarnation of the LCD set. It is an LCD television that has backlit with LEDs or light-emitting diodes instead of standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights or CCFLs. LED televisions are extremely thin and exhibit better picture quality than standard LCD television and use energy efficiently. It has many superiorities that can be enjoyed by many people. The superiorities of LED television are located in the 3D picture system and its lifespan. These are two points that can be discussed in this essay.
            Firstly, LED has a 3D picture system. To watch in 3D, watchers need a pair of 3D glasses and some 3D content. 3D picture system is a system that support a television to produce a picture becomes real, so the watchers can enjoy the real picture that is produced by LED television satisfiedly. Then, it has high picture’s quality brightness because it is made with a superior diode backlighting system that emits tremendously bright lights. LED has dynamic backlights which adjust their intensity according to the content on the screen. For instance, if there is a dark image on the screen, the television will automatically dim the backlight. This should make the image look darker and avoid the washed out appearance that might otherwise occur. A side effect of the contrast controlling capabilities of LED television is that images on screen keep closer to the corrrect colour balance at all times. It means that the picture that are going to appear as realistically bright as possible. Then, LED television is often called ‘Smart TV’. It can catch all term for TVs with internet features, also known as ‘internet TVs’ or ‘connected TVs’. This television can be connected to the internet without another equipments and if it has connected to the internet, the watchers can find new world by attendance the various of favourite television, superior movies, games, and the others.  LED television becomes a favourite television in the wide societies because these superiorities.
Secondly, LED television uses 50% or less electrical power, and it is thinner and long lasting. LED television has lifespan because optimal viewing conditions can be seen till about 100.000 hours of use on an average. This lifespan depends on highly on the level of contrast that the TV set play. A higher contrast setting leads to a shorter life since the LED lamps have to work harder to produce the same colors, and this contrast setting will highly depend on the external light in the room where the TV is viewed. LED televisions are equipped with optimum light technology and provide an undiminished viewing experience, even as bulb color begins to fade. LED lifespan can vary according to environmental and design related items. LED lifespan is ultimately determined during the engineering phases of a specific custom LED lighting design. In some cases, design engineers may intentionally limit LED lifespan in lighting applications where longevity is non-critical. One case includes an application is designed to operate only for a specified period. Overdriving an LED lights will increase the luminous output, but dramatically decrease lifespan if thermal management is not considered.
 Therefore, LED television is a kind of LCD television that uses light emitting diodes instead of the standard fluorescent backlight to illuminate the screen. LED televisions are extremely thin and exhibit better picture quality than standard LCD television and use energy efficient. Among the soperiorities of the LED television are located on its 3D picture system and its lifespan. Then LED television has best lifespan. It can be seen when the watchers enjoy a television and the optimal viewing conditions till about 100.000 hours of use on an average.  Not only that but also LED television is supported by another superiorities such as high picture brightness, dynamic backlights, and special internet TVs, so it interests everybody to have it and becomes something longed for everyone with the 3D picture system and its lifespan.

Essay Writing

Narrative Writing
By : Karolina Nurainia

Having a New Television
            One year ago, my mother grumbled to my father because of our television could not be used. The television channels were messy and the remote control was broken-down because it had fallen down repeatedly. Then my father had a planning to buy a new television for my mother and fortunately he had more money.
            That day, my father fetched my arrival by motorcycle in traffic circle on Sauyunan Street in Karawang City. Then he asked me to accompany him to look for a new television. “Teh, would you like to accompany me to look for a new television?” he asked me. “Yes I would. Where will we go?” replied me. “Hmm, we will go to Tuparev Street.” he answered. We visited two electronic shops. In the first electronic shop, we looked around  many televisions with the various of brands except Samsung, but we were looking for Samsung brand because we thought that Samsung had clear picture and it was best seller at the time. Then, we continued our quest to second shop. We found many brands of television in that shop than in the previous shop. There were two kinds of brands that we tried to see the quality of the picture. The trader showed us Samsung and Toshiba brands. We saw totally the differences of the qualities both of them. “Toshiba is better than Samsung Sir, it has clear colour and the price is not too expensive, you can see that!” the trader said. “Ouh, that is right.” my father replied. We were interested in Toshiba after we saw that Toshiba was better than Samsung because it had clear picture and extreme sound. “How much the price of this television?” my father asked to the trader. “It is Rp 2.000.000, it can be bargained sir.” the trader replaid. “How about Rp 1.500.000?” my father tried to bargain. “Hmm, I am sorry sir, it cannot. I take the midst, it is Rp 1.800.000.” the trader answered. “Okay, take it for me.”  my father agreed. Finally, my father decided to buy Toshiba 24 inches with the price Rp 1.800.0000. Not only bought a television but also bought an antenna to support the picture quality to be better. “Hmm, I want to buy the antenna also” my father said. “This is sir. It is Rp 80.000”  the trader offered. “I think it is free. I have bought a television and this is something for free.” my father bargained. “Okay, I give it for you. May it is durable.” the trader answered.
            I was happy after my father bought a new television and immediately we went home to give a surprise for my mother by carrying a new television. Upon arrival in my house, my mother welcomed our arrival and smiled after she saw us carrying a new television. “What is that?” my mother asked. “It is a new television Mom.” said me. “Are you sure?” she smiled. “Yes, of course. Are you anxious? But I am sorry Mom, we buy Toshiba because we think Toshiba was better than Samsung. “ I explained. “Hmm...” she was glum. I thought she was disappointed because my father and I did not buy Samsung brand like what she wanted. My father and I showed the television to her and tried to set the antenna and turn on the television. “Help me to set this antenna, Teh!” my father asked me. “Okay, where is the stairs Dad?” I asked him. “Take it in the kitchen and bring here!” my father asked me again. “Yeah, this is Dad, what can I do for you?” I offered to help him. “Hold this stairs bacause I want to go up to set this antenna above the roofs.” my father said. “Okay Dad!” I replied. After a few minutes, my father screamed on the roofs. “Finish, I want to go down. Please hold the stairs, Teh!” he ordered me. After that he entered to the living room and conected the television cable to the boster. Finally, the television turned on with the clear picture. My mother smiled and looked very happy. Immediately she watched the new television. My father and I were very happy because we had succeed to make my mother smiled and she was not grumble again about the television.
            Having a new television was a happiness for my mother, so my father and I endeavored to look for a new television for her. It was started from my father’s planning to buy a new television, looked for a new television in electronic shops, compared the qualities of the televisions, decided to choose Toshiba brand with the good quality, bargained the price of the television, and finally bought it in one of the shops on Tuparev Street in Karawang City.

Essay writing

Descriptive Writing
By : Karolina Nurainia

LCD Television
Television is one of the sophisticated tools which is used by people to get everything. It effects the technology development in the world increasingly, so right now the television are different with the previously. It is impressive than before. Television becomes popular and cheap entertainment in the wide societies, so it must get more attention in order to the television is interested by many people. LCD Television becomes a favorite television for many people because almost all people have it in their home.LCD television has shape, part, and function, so these are the points that can be discussed in this essay.
LCD television is a television display technology  based on a liquid crystal display.In a fully switched-off state, liquid crystals allow some light to leak through the shutters.The shape is square, thin and large, so it can be put everywhere even it can be sticked on the wall and looks like in the theater, so this television do not need a table or wide area to put it.  It is available in much larger sizes, these are 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 24 inches, 29 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, 35 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 80 inches, 82 inches, until 100 inches.
Parts of the LCD television consist bya sound, buttons, cable connector holes, screen, frame, foot, and remote control. The sound of the LCD television is located on the bottom of the television. Behind the television, there are many buttons, such as two channel buttons, two volume buttons, one menu button, a port USB, and six holes with the  two red, two yellow, and two white colours. Two channel buttons are used to move forward and move back the television channel. The volume buttons are used to increase and decrease the volume. Then, the last is menu button which is used to set the television setting. Next to the bottons, there is a port USB to view photos and videos on the TV, or sometimes to insert an external hard drive for recording programmes and there are six holes are used to connect antenna, DVD, and external sound cable. Besides there are buttons behind the television,there is a power button in the right side of the television bottom too. It is used to turn on and turn off the television. LCD television has large and flat screen, so the picture looks sharp and don’t drift off. Then, the screen is bordered by frame. The frame is made from plastic mixing material. The colours of the LCD television frame are black and silver. LCD television has a foot to stand up on the table, but it can be set on the wall too. LCD television also has a remote control. The function is same with the buttons behind the television, so it will be very easy to turn on and turn off the television, move forward and move back the channel, increase and decrease the volume and set the television setting because it can be taken easily although long distance.
The functions of LCD television are to watch broadcast from every television channels, watch movie and listen to the song from DVD, and the special one is watch and listen everything from the external portable. LCD television has a port USB to connect external flash disk, hard disk until multimedia file like music, foto, and video to the television, sothe watchers can enjoy the multifarious kinds of entertainments by having an LCD television. The watchers can feel the functions of the LCD television abviously by exploiting the parts of the LCD television that have been provided, so the watchers can make their home becomes a home theater by having LCD television.
LCD television has square shape, thin body, and large size. It appears with many screen size, it is started from 15 inches until the large one is 100 inches. Then, it has important parts like a sound, buttons, cable connector holes, screen, frame, foot, and remote control. LCD television cannot be used without these parts. If one part of television lose, so the function of television cannot be run well and television can be useless thing like a cadaver. Then, LCD television has many functions. By LCD television the watchers can watch the television satisfiedly because the size of screen is large. The watchers can watch a movie and listen to the song whatever they like by connecting the DVD or USB portable to the LCD television, so they can enjoy everything and can make home theater in their home.

Essay Writing

Argumentative Writing
 By : Karolina Nurainia

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Watching Television
Television is the most important thing of the human being on the way leading to a new world and it is one of the electronic medias that has many programs. Its programs are news, entertainment, and education. The programs can be found easily if it is watched. There are arguments that watching television is bad and has many disadvantages, but also there are arguments that it is good and has many advantages. However, it can’t be denied because actually it happens in the real life right now. Although like that, watching television becomes a necessity, so television becomes a primary thing in every house and the only one cheap entertainment. Television can be a sophisticated tool to serve audience’s necessity because television is fast way to get everything, but it can be something bad if choosing the program and managing the time are done incorrectly. Watching television has the advantage and disadvantage, so these are two points that can be discussed in this essay.
There are three advantages of watching television. First, television is one of the most important thing to be had in every house because by watching television can get a whole look all over the world, especially Indonesia. Television is something useful, not only facilitates to get new information that is happening but also increases the knowledge about everything. The television is like a media center for all those people sitting at home. The television provides much of information that never extinct in the world. Also the television keeps the updating of the latest things going around in the world. Second, watching television won’t spend much money and go far away to enjoy the entertainment because television provides entertainment programs, such as; electronic cinema, film, movie, cartoon, quiz, adventure, talking show, and cooking show that can be watched in house with family. Third, watching television can increase the knowledge because television provides education programs, such as; discussion of the examination questions, online study media, science research, and competition show. Watching television can be easy and interesting way to study, especially for students because they study happily without meet their teacher.
There are two disadvantages of watching television. First, watching television without choosing the program selectively can be a problem, especially for children because there are some programs are improper to be watched by them. There are so many interesting television programs that it might be difficult for children to turn off the television after turning on it. Furthermore, it is very harmful for children if they spend most of the time in front of the television. There are many diseases are caused by watching television too much. One of them is far-sighted which is becoming the most popular disease in the young age. Moreover, watching television too much might also bring the children be tired or even exhausted. Then, children who had their own television set scored lower on mathematics tests. It is important to set a good example for the kids of today by encouraging them to read and engage in the arts rather than park themselves in front of the television set. Then, children usually learn and imitate bad thing shows on television, so the parents have to supervise and accompany the children when watching television. Second, watching television without managing time well can effect forgeting the time if too interested in watching television, and it is problem too. It can makes audiences forget to do the duties because addiction. It is also can lose the social activities as well as outdoor activities which gives boosting effect on human mind. Watching television has become habit and sometimes they do not prefer to visit relatives or friends house and also do not prefer to be visited by them. Television watchers should keep a log of the hours they choose to sit in front of television. They can make a list of ways to use that time more productively and must generate a group who can devote the time to make people aware about the outcome of this activity.
Therefore, watching television can lose bored mind and make comforted. It becomes interesting solution to spend free time, and easy way to increase the knowledge. Watching television not only has the advantage but also has the disadvantage that can influence our mind, especially for children, and it also can effect forgeting the time if watching it too much, so there are many duties or jobs cannot be finished.